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Christopher Price
Head of Upper School

• Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages in the UK.
• Postgraduate in Linguistics, Literature, History, and Translation.

After teaching English for several years in England and Spain, I traveled to Colombia to live and work where I have been teaching for the past 18 years. I have been a teacher of Language and Literature (English) for the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP) at The English School for 12 years. I have also worked as Head of Year in the Middle and Upper School for 8 years and also as the Head of the Secondary English Department. The English School has also supported my professional development and I have conducted numerous IB workshops, including courses on CAS, extended essay, and Language and Literature (English).

I am a firm believer in the unique value of international education, in the way students are holistically prepared to be supportive, open minded, thoughtful, and inquisitive to be trained as future positive leaders, responsible, and with principles, in line with the needs of the 21st century. We also stand for collaborative work among students, parents, and teachers to strengthen learning, positively resolve difficulties, and build constructive relationships. My philosophy as an educator is that our main focus and goal are the students and therefore, their learning, well-being, emotional health, growth, and success as future global citizens.


Adam Benett
IBDP Coordinator

• Bachelor’s degree in Law and Criminology.
• Citizenship PGCE.
• Master’s degree in Leadership (in progress.

I taught at several schools in London in the high school. Then, I decided to move my residence to Bogotá where I joined The English School 6 years ago. During this period, I have been the Global Humanities Coordinator, as well as a Geography and Theory of Knowledge Teacher in the Diploma and Global Humanities Programme of the Middle Years Programme (MYP).

As IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, I strongly believe that education offers students the opportunity to grow and develop their knowledge and understanding of themselves as well as the world around them. This is a continuous process that will be with them during school, university, work, and beyond. Within the IBDP in The English School, our goal is to provide a supportive, inspiring, and stimulating learning environment to maximise the students’ personal and academic potential. This will enable them to adapt and respond effectively to the challenges ahead, contributing positively to an increasingly interconnected and changing world.

I emphasize in my students the importance of working hard and exploring new possibilities, helping them understand the thousand opportunities that await them if they have the right attitude and strive in all aspects of your school life.