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Saturday, 18 September 2021




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May 12

Dear member of our Colegio de Inglaterra – The English School community, dear visitor to our website.

We hope you are all safe and healthy. Our school campus is looking good, we have excellent health provision with our medical team and our advanced biosecurity infrastructure gives confidence and protects us all. But there’s something missing, and it’s the daily sound of young people learning and quite simply enjoying themselves, The English Way.

These are, indeed, difficult times for us all. We have confronted peaks in our COVID-19 suffering, once, twice and now a third time. We have suffered and we have borne witness to something that we did not want and we did not expect. It’s now been too long. We have cared for each other, we are looking ahead and there is light at the end of the tunnel, especially, if we stay strong together. The medical profession continues to do a wonderful job and right now, on Wednesday of this week, another age group (50-59) plus the teaching profession can take part in Stage 3 of our country’s vaccination programme.

Right now, at The English School, we are completely focused on implementing our ‘Plan de Reapertura Gradual, Progresiva y Segura (R-GPS)’. We are on track and we are readying ourselves for August.

Of course, that all sounds simple and we all know that we face other challenges and difficulties at the same time. Once again, in recent weeks we sadly encounter disagreement and disorder around us. But we know what to do about it because we are a strong learning community.

Our school has long traditions – we celebrate our 60th birthday in September – we welcome diversity and we are indeed an inclusive and lively community.